Productores de Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, ofrecen el documental gratis


Los productores del documental Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, anunciaron que a partir de hoy ofrecen el film en forma gratuita a través de The Pirate Bay.

2 Player Productions subió hace unas horas el film que esta en un fichero .mov de 2.52 GB y cualquiera lo puede descargar gratis, sin ningún problema.  Les aclaro que el film está en inglés o sueco.

Según el sitio Major Nelson, este documental sería transmitido hoy solo para miembros Gold de Xbox Live en algunos países de Europa y Estados Unidos.  Pero parece que cambiaron de idea y ahora todo el mundo tiene la oportunidad de ver la premier.


A continuación tienen el tráiler y luego el mensaje de 2 Player Productions que acompaña al film en The Pirate Bay,

Greetings Pirate Bay!

This is 2 Player Productions here, and we hoped we could be the first to upload our new movie «Minecraft: The Story of Mojang». We’ve never uploaded a torrent before so hopefully this isn’t all screwed up.

We wanted to come here first because we knew the movie would end up here eventually, and the best thing to do seemed to be opening a dialogue. Torrents and piracy are a way of life and it probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There are many people that want to punish you for that, but we have a more realistic outlook on things.

We’ve been there. We’ve all needed to do it at some point. Maybe you don’t have the money. Maybe you want to try before you buy. Maybe you’re pissed at us for premiering the movie on Xbox Live. These are all fine reasons. But if you feel that piracy is, in Gabe Newell’s words, «a service problem,» please consider that we are selling DRM free digital downloads that you can watch in whatever manner you please.

We’re just three guys trying to make a living doing what we love. We love the world of video games, and we love making it real. If you buy the movie, you support those efforts. The reason we Kickstarted this movie in the first place was that we didn’t have enough money to make it ourselves, and even then, we still put A LOT of our own money into it. Not to mention nearly two years of work.

Watch the movie. Hopefully you’ll like it, and understand what we’re trying to do. Please consider supporting us by buying the $8 DRM-free digital download of the movie at, or the $20 DVD from

We’ve worked with a lot of amazing people in the games industry and had the incredible fortune to make some great films the way we wanted to make them. Please consider helping us continue on this path. The best has yet to come.


[Vía The Next Web]

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